Lighting & heat

Providing the correct heat and light source for reptiles is one of the key elements in successfully keeping your reptile alive. You can just go and put in a normal light globe into your enclosure and hope for the best. All reptiles require heat to regulate their body temperature and  to help them digest their food. They are also require uv light to help them get their dose of vitamn d.

Some of the brands we carry are exo terra and urs globes. And when it comes to heat we have heat matts, heat cords and basking lights all specially designed for your reptile needs. To regulate the the temperature in your enclosures we strongly reccomend that use themostats. These themstats are design to control the temperature at a certain degree they switch on your source until it reaches the set temperature then it will switch off or if your using a diming themostat it will limit the amount of current flowing thru the heat source to maintain the required temperature.